e-Visa in Ukraine

How to apply:

Step 1. Register at the MFA web-platform

Step 2. Fill in application form online

Step 3. Upload copies of necessary documents:

- photo;

- passport;

- health insurance policy (30,000 euro coverage);

- proof of sufficient funds;

- document confirming the purpose of the visit (more information on e-Visa supporting documents  per each category may be found at the Help section of the MFA e-Visa website).

Step 4. Pay the fee

- single entry e-Visa - 20 USA dollars

- double entry e-Visa – 30 USA dollars.

In the case of urgent procedure, the fee doubles.

The terms of e-Visa registration have changed -

All e-Visa applications are processed within urgent (1 working day) or non-urgent (3 working days) procedure.

Information support is also available at

Full text of the Guidelines on Issuing Electronic Visas (in Ukrainian).

Значок ватсап в png формате на прозрачном фоне  +380937717335




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